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Water Management

AGPS software supports design of pads, level fields, drainage, and water retention, using Vertical Curve technologies for gradual grade changes rather than multiple planes produced by laser systems. The result is accuracy within tight tolerances, and land management in agricultural applications that pays dividends in productivity.

Crary Tile Pro

Crary Tile Pro dual link hybrid plow can lay pipe three ways. Parallel link, cantilever, and dual link. Even transfer of weight to the front and rear of the pulling unit results in maximum traction and easier pulling.

  • Best stability in tiling industry for grade control.
  • Optimum trash clearance.
  • Knife opens the ground first to allow the boot to glide through lifting dirt up and out.
  • No wheels to back over starting holes or work around while removing obstructions in the field.
Crary Tile Pro

O’Connell Plow


The wait is finally over. An easy to operate, affordable pull type commercial tile plow with the best service in the industry.
More accurate grade control, pitch and elevation. Self-Propelled Commercial Tile Plows control both pitch and elevation to accurately discharge tile in the bottom of the trench; now you can have the accuracy of a commercial plow at the drop of a pin. No worrying about soft bottoms, extreme angles, or going through waterways and ridges. Slope and elevation control, the best of both worlds, just like the real professionals.

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