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KNR Ag Sales & Service began as a partnership that included Robin Karlowsky. They started serving their local community in 1999 with a wide range of agricultural products. It quickly expanded by specializing in the technological aspect of the agriculture industry. KNR Ag Sales & Service created a stable customer base starting in their community of Brunkild and have expanded to include Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, as well as the Central Northern United States. KNR Ag Sales & Service incorporated in 2014

KNR Ag Sales & Service Inc. has prided themselves on providing outstanding service to their customers! Their extensive knowledge with each and every product they carry or service has built them a reputation that speaks for itself!

Robin’s foresight & quick ability to adapt to the continuously changing agricultural industry has been a great benefit to the company. He has extensive knowledge in precision farming technology and continues to educate himself in this specialized area. He has had 20 years of experience farming, which has been an advantage to comprehending the needs within this industry. He is always looking for new and innovative products to promote!

Debra Hanna joined KNR Ag Sales & Service in 2002. Debra has a background in business and manages the office. She has a good understanding of business and contributes in all aspects of their operation. Debra has basic knowledge of all the products KNR Ag Sales & Service Inc. carries and their functions. She enjoys working with customers and assisting in sales!

KNR Ag Sales & Service Inc. has become the Western Canadian & Central Northern United States Distributors for AGPS Dealers across Western Canada & the Central Northern United States are being set up to help manage the demand for superior software products for surface drainage, tiling, design and construction operations!

Together, they have successfully built a small agriculture business into a growing and flourishing company that prides itself on high quality service & superior technical support with a personal touch!

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